You Old Goat

West Wind Farm ~ Lincoln Ma.

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You Old Goat gifts are a fun way to celebrate a milestone birthday or an old friends special day. We specialize in creating a unique fun gift

to give to wish some one a Happy Birthday. Our gifts are ones that people will actually use. How many birthday celebrations do you get invited
to that say no gifts.. Who wants to walk in the door to a party empty handed? This is the perfect solution, bring in a " gag" gift that they will

actually use and most likely they will wear or use for the rest of the party and many more times when the party is over.

Our You Old Goat koozies are perfect for any size can or bottle. You slip this on the beverage, it keeps it chilled AND will let the birthday boy
or gal know where their drink is.

For a New unique gift, give the gift of You Old Goat!